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Concrete Batching Plants Suppliers,Construction Machinery Accessories Suppliers

Concrete Batching Plants (10 m3 /hr,15 m3 /hr and 25 m3 /hr)

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Concrete Batching Plants Suppliers,Batching Plant Type With Hopper
  The materials used in the manufacturing of the Concrete Batching Plant are of optimum quality that ensures notable features like high durability and resistivity to various adverse conditions.

Models Gp 10m3 Gp 15m3 Gp 25m3 GP 25m3
In-line Bin Type
Batch Capacity 0.33 0.5 0.8 0.8
Output* 10m3 15m3 25m3 25m3
Mixer Motor 7.5hp 12.5hp 20hp 20hp
Nos of Bins 3 3 3 or 4 4
Nos Of Conveyor Belt 3 nos. 3 nos. 3 or 4nos. 1
Cement Weighing Screw Conveyor 3hp 3hp 3hp 3hp
Cement Feeding Screw Conveyor Motor 5hp 5hp 5hp 7.5hp
Flyash Screw Conveyor Motor 5hp 5hp 10hp 10hp
Ad-Mixture Unit 0.5hp 0.5hp 0.5hp 0.5hp
Water Pump 1hp 1hp 1hp 1hp
Hopper 3 3 3 or 4 4
Conveyor Motor 3hp 3hp 3hp 10hp
Printer (Optional) Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt
Connected Load 26hp 31hp 38hp 40hp
Accuracy as per is4925 + 1% Cement + 1% Water, + 2% Aggregate
*These output figures aply for continours output and refer to average quality concrete, ound aggregates 0 - 32mm,mixing time of30 secs. During fully automatic operation.
Note: We Reserve the Right of making technical alterations.

Batching Plant type with Hoppers

Batching Plant type with Hoppers
  This machine is available in the capacity of
1100litres, 5 Cement Bag Mixer and Ouput 20M3/hour

Available in both electric and diesel operation
The electric mixer powered by 20HP, 3 Phase electric motor with emergency handle to rotate the drum in case of power failure. It has Heavy duty gear box so as to maintain consistent RPM.

The diesel mixer is powered by 30HP, Kirloskar Diesel Engine. Machine frame has Hollow sections to make it long life and vibration free.

Mixing drum has 8 mixing blades and 2 discharge blades of M.S heavy duty fabricated. It has pre-calibrated water tank of 180 ltrs capacity. The machine has Three Sets Idler Bearings, No Idle load on Pinion.

Gear Ring is made of forged steel for extra long life (Hob Cut). The Feed Hopper is operated by Hydraulic power pack system. Weighing is done by Dial Gauge (Highly reliable and accurate accepted in NHAI’s Projects etc).

The machine comes with the option of Electronic Water Meter, Digital Weighing system, Ad-mixture unit and Print out facility with every batch and time. Concrete mixers are available in Single Bin, Two Bin & Three Bin feeding Hopper.

This machine comes with separate hoppers to feed single, double and three bin system. The hoppers come with conveyor belts to transfer the material from hoppers to the bins of the mixer. This machine comes with Cement Screw feeding system, Fly Ash feeding system separately.