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Concrete Buckets (0.5 to 6m Capacity)
Concrete Buckets

We are recognized as one of the most dependable Concrete Buckets Manufacturers and Exporters from India. Various national as well as international clients are placing bulk orders for the Concrete Discharge Buckets due to the unmatched quality and inexplicable performance in respective application. The use of optimum quality materials in the manufacturing of the Concrete Buckets are of optimum quality that ensure high durability and resistivity to adverse conditions. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Manual Concrete Bucket and Pneumatic Concrete Bucket to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

  Manual Concrete Bucket

Concrete Buckets with Gear Operated Doors & Side Dishcharge

Discounted Concrete Bucket Suppliers,Concrete Bucket Exporters,Manual Concrete Bucket Dealers India
Pneumatic Concrete Bucket

Pneumatic Door Operated Concrete Bucket with Snapon Coupling + Air Jacks and Liner Plated discharge doors along with suitable handle for fitting with 2 No.s pneumatic Cylinder & Air receive tank.

Orange Peel Grab

Pneumatic Concrete Bucket Manufacturers,Manual Concrete Bucket Dealers India
Orange Peel Grab

Hydraulically operated with Snap on Couplings as required. The crane power pack will be utilized for the operation. It is adaptable to most of the hydraulic excavators. Available in the capacity of 1M3.

Pilling Winches & Accessories
Concrete Buckets Manufacturers,Pneumatic Concrete Bucket Manufacturers

Type 2.5T 5.0T 7.5T 10.0T 12.5T
No. of Drum 1 OR 2 1 OR 2 1 OR 2 1 OR 2 1 OR 2
Wire rope 18mm 28mm 32mm 32mm 32mm
H.P. Required 40 50 90 65 120
Note: We reserve the right of making technical alterations.

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