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Drilling Tools for Rotatory RIGS

Technical Specifcation :

Our line of drilling tools includes Rock Auger, Soil Auger, Bentonite Auger, Rock Bucket, Tapered bucket, Excavating Bucket, Rotating Flap bucket, Cleaning bucket, Core Barrel, Adapter, Casing Couplers.etc.

Drilling tools for the excavation of various types of soils of hard, rocky, medium and high cohesion. This tool saves your time, money, and dramatically reduces equipment wear. Heavy-duty augers deliver the ultimate in long lasting dependability. Our tools are virtually unmatched in quality.

Rock Auger 500mm to 2500mm
Soil Auger 500mm to 2500mm
Core Barrel 500mm to 2500mm
Excavating Bucket 500mm to 2500mm
Rotating Flap Bucket 500mm to 2500mm
Rock Bucket 500mm to 2500mm
Tapperred Bucket 500mm to 2500mm
Cleaning Bucket 500mm to 2500mm
Note: We reserve the right of making technical alterations.

• Soil augers
• Rock augers
• Excavating Buckets
• Double door rotating flap door rock buckets
• Correl Barrel with replaceble rock bucket.

Drilling Tools Accessories

Rotary Drilling Tool Suppliers,Concrete Buckets Suppliers,Soil Augers Suppliers

Technical Specifcation :

• Soil Teeth and Holders(T25 & T18) with Pin and Lock
• Replaceable T.C Bits
• Welding Bars T.C Bits
• Grab Teeth
• Bullet and Holder 19mm
• Bullet and Holder 25mm
• Bullet and Holder 30mm