skid steer grader attachment

Grader is a type of skid steer attachment which is used to flatten the surface. Gamzen grader attachment consists of long blade which moves in different ways to obtain high performance grading.

 Graders are generally utilized in the development and upkeep of earth streets and rock streets. In the development of cleared streets, they are utilized to set up the base course to make a wide level surface whereupon to put the street surface. Graders are additionally used to set native soil or gravel foundation pads to complete grade before the construction of huge buildings.

Grader blade length(ft) Front blade
8 ft (standard) / 10 ft (optional) 5 ft blade attached to scarifier
Grader blade can tip in full angle position Grader blade vertical travel
6’9” 16″
Blade angle Turning radius(m)
28 both directions 23.5 approx
Grader blade side shift Grader blade height
 24″ 15″
Tyre size(6 Nos.) Cabin ROPS
10 x 16.5
3 Nos. scrapper come(optional)


The above data is for reference only, We reserve the right to adjust the parameters at any time in accordance with the actual situation without prior notice.

auger skid steer attachment


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