Skid Steer Loaders are versatile 4-wheel drive machines that have revolutionized the construction, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, and other related industries since their introduction. These rigid frame and engine-powered machines are also known as Wheel Loaders and Skid Steer Machines. 

Skid Steer Loaders make use of specific labor-saving tools that can be attached and detached easily to their lift arms. These tools include Augers, Forks, Sweepers, Backhoes, Bucket Grapple, Circular fork grapple, Breaker, Pallet Fork, Pallet Fork Grapple among others. These tools are used in a wide range of activities including lifting, pulling, digging, and drilling. A single skid loader can be used efficiently for different commercial activities, therefore, saving a lot of money and requiring fewer trained operators.



Skid Steer Loaders-Salient Features & Advantages 

1. Easy operability due to absence of gearbox and clutch. 

2. Fully hydraulic machines including auxiliary hydraulic systems leading to better control, increased accuracy, and higher efficiency and performance. 

3. Versatile and multi-tasking machinery used for a wide range of functions including excavation, pole erection, trenching, loading, material handling, etc.

4. Requires minimum maintenance. 

5. The 360-degree rotation and compact size provide full functionality and easy maneuverability in narrow and confined spaces as no turning radius is required. 

6. Comes fitted with important safety features like front horn, backup alarm, front and rear lights, and triple filtration system.

Gamzen India offers 2 choices of Skid Steer Loaders in different operating weight categories including options for extended bucket attachments. Click on the Links Below to find out more.



SKID STEER 5050 Ex (Extended Bucket)


SKID STEER 8080 Ex (Extended Bucket)


What Are Skid Steer Loaders Used For?

Skid Steer Loaders are mainly used for lifting, pulling or digging. Skid Steers are regularly used in construction, landscaping, and forestry.

What Are Some Other Names OF Skid Steer Loader?

Skid Steer Loader is also known as Wheel Loaders, Loader, Skid Steer Machine, and Track Loader.

How Much Does A Skid Steer Weigh?

The operating weight of Skid Steer 5050 is 2680kg and of Skid Steer 8080 is 3320 kg.

auger skid steer attachment


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