Functions of the machine:

  • Railway Track Maintenance
  • Slipper Replacement
  • Slipper Handling
  • Ballast Handling
  • Ballast Cleaning
  • Track Handling
  • Track Lifting

Gamzen Track Maintenace Machine is also known as RRV machine. It is used on railway tracks for cleaning railway tracks or any work related to railway tracks. 

This machine bid to mechanise the monitoring and maintenance of tracks and improve operational safety. Track Maintenance Machine is used to lift the track and packed the ballast. It lifts each sleeper and the rails up and packs ballast underneath.

Gamzen TMM mechanises the monitoring and maintenance of tracks and improves operational safety.  At present it is designed for the track width as per international standards i.e. 1676 mm.

We can also design and supply for the different track width.

Following is the different applications.

1) Movement of the Railway Track.

2) Movement of the Railway slippers

3) Clipping and declipping of clipps.

4) Rail cutting and drilling

5) We can attach two biggies for the movement of material like Rail, slippers, cable drums ect. and labour.

6) We can put the crane and pantograph on the BFR for the installation of the overhead cable.

7) It can be attached with man lift for the installation of overhead cable.

It can take a load of 200 metric tons for pushing or pulling. It works on the diesel engine.


What Are The Unique Features Of Track Maintenance Machine?

Unique features of railway track maintenance machine are
Reduced Labor Load
Damage Resistant to materials while handling
Special Purpose attachment can be developed

What Is Track Maintenance Machine?

Gamzen Railway Track Maintenance Machine is a multifunctional heavy-duty machine that is used for hauling of rails, swift transition on and off-track and also has specially designed bucket to handle ballast on and along-track before FRM operations

Why Should I Buy Track Maintenance Machine From Gamzen?

Gamzen is the only manufacturer of TMM in the world. We should buy track maintenance machine from Gamzen as per need at the moment to ensure social distancing during coronavirus pandemic Gamzen’s TMM is indigenously designed and manufactured under the guidance. Gamzen’s TMM is the most compact and multifunctional machine in the world.

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