(Mini Track Loader)

Walk Behind Loaders are sturdy and lightweight pick-load-carry machines that have transformed the infrastructure, construction, and other related sectors. These easy maneuvered and engine-powered machines are also known as mini skid steers and compact utility loaders.

Walk Behind Loaders weigh between 600 to 800 kg but have a load-bearing capacity of up to 1200 Kg. Fitted with skid steer style swivel bucket* and the reliable and powerful Honda GX390 13 Horse Power engine they perform the hardest tasks thrown at them.

A single Walk Behind Loader finishes a wide range of jobs in less time and reduces the need for manual work and load-carrying equipment like shovels and wheelbarrows. This reduces labor costs and operating expenditure, therefore, saving a lot of time and money.

*Depending on the model

Given below are the 3 models of Walk Behind Loader:

1. WBL 800

2. WBL 1000

3. WBL 1200


WBL 800

walk behind loader

WBL 1200

walk behind loader


Sr.no Technical Specification 800/1000/1200 Walk Behind Loader Type 800 Kg 1000 Kg 1200 Kg
1. Weight Kg(lb) 650(1430) 600(1320) 800(1764)
2. Dimension mm(in) 2280*920*1200 1810*900*1200 2250*1120*1600
3 Engine Honda GX390 13HP Honda GX390 13HP
Honda GX390 13HP
4. Transmission Piston Pump Piston Pump
Piston Pump
5. Loading Weight Kg(lb) 800(1762) 1000(2200) 1000(2200)
6. Drum Material Plastic-spray Plastic-spray

The above data is for reference only, We reserve the right to adjust the parameters at any time in accordance with the actual situation without prior notice.

Walk Behind Loaders-Salient Features & Advantages 

  1. Easy operability.
  2. Requires minimum maintenance.
  3. The compact size provides full functionality and easy maneuverability in narrow confined spaces and limited access areas.
  4. Comes fitted with rubber crawlers providing optimized grip and improved balance for muddy, slippery, and elevated worksite conditions.
  5. Evenly carries and distributes the load in precarious and difficult worksite locations.

Gamzen India offers 3 choices of Walk Behind Loaders having 800 Kg, 1000 Kg, and 1200 Kg weight-bearing capacity including options for skid steer style swivel bucket. Click on the “Ask for Quote” link below for detailed pricing information.

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient walk-behind loader for your construction or landscaping project? Look no further than Gamzen. Our walk-behind loaders are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, helping you to save time and money on your projects.


Our walk-behind loaders are built to last, with durable construction and high-quality components that can withstand even the toughest of conditions. Whether you’re working in a harsh environment or dealing with heavy loads, our loaders can handle it all.


One of the key features of our walk-behind loaders is their versatility. Our loaders are designed to be easily adaptable, with a wide range of attachments available to help you tackle a variety of tasks. Whether you need to move heavy materials, clear debris, or transport equipment, our loaders can do it all.


In addition to their versatility, our walk-behind loaders are also incredibly powerful. Our machines are equipped with high-quality engines and hydraulic systems, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. This means that you can complete your projects faster, without sacrificing quality or safety.


Another great feature of our walk-behind loaders is their compact size. Our machines are designed to be easily maneuverable, even in tight spaces. This means that you can use them in a wide range of construction or landscaping sites, without worrying about limited access or space constraints.


Safety is also a top priority for us at Gamzen. That’s why all of our walk-behind loaders are designed with a range of safety features, including emergency stop buttons, safety belts, and more. This ensures that your team can work safely and efficiently, without the risk of accidents or injury.


Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient walk-behind loader for your construction or landscaping project, Gamzen is the perfect choice. With our versatile design, powerful performance, and compact size, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our walk-behind loaders and how they can help you achieve your project goals.

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