Batching plants are the mainstay of every construction project. They are essential for mixing and blending ingredients to form concrete. The batching plants come in different sizes and varieties. Whether you are interested in batching plant leasing or financing, you have to first look at the suitability of the plant for your project. Then you can consider the nitty-gritty involved in leasing or financing the plant. 

In the first section of the article, we will consider general factors before deciding on the batching plant. In the next section, we will discuss the different facets of renting, leasing, or financing batching plants and other construction equipment. 

Tips to Select a Batching Plant

Batching plants come in different sizes and capacities. You should select the one that is of optimum use for your construction project. Look at these factors before zeroing in on a batching plant.

1. Consider if you want to buy a plant or can do with a batching plant leasing. If you are involved in a one-time construction project then should opt for renting equipment. If it is a long-term project then consider leasing. But if have several construction projects lined up then it is feasible to go for a batching plant financing and purchasing deal.

2. Observe and check out the specifications and features of the batching plant you are interested in. Decide if the semi-automatic or automatic batching plants are suitable for your project and come within the budget limit.

3. Select the batching plant of the size and capacity that fit the scale of your construction project. 

4. Check each part of the batching plant to ensure that they are functioning properly. Some important constituent parts to check are the water measuring system, the cement weighing system, skip hoist, and mixer unit among others.

5. Ensure that the batching plant has an easy-to-learn and use control panel. This helps the personnel manning the equipment learn the operations easily and safely perform them.

6. Enquire if the supplier provides specialty and quality after-sales services for the batching plants.

7. Check the output of the batching plant. It should produce high-quality concrete and save time in the process too. 

Before deciding on the batching plant for your construction projects, keep these pointers in mind.

Batching Plant Leasing/Financing/Renting

Heavy construction equipment like batching plants is a big investment. You should set the budget as per your business and project needs beforehand. Then you can decide if it is beneficial to lease or finance the construction equipment or if you are better off renting it.

Batching Plant Renting

Renting works well if you need a concrete batching plant but are not planning on owning it. You can access, try out and use the batching plant for your project with no commitment to keep it. Renting has its benefits but also has some disadvantages especially from the balance sheet point of view. You won’t be building assets for the long term as you are only renting the plant instead of owning it. So, for any other project, you again have to rent it. However, if have opted for a rental-purchase agreement, then a portion of rental payments will go towards the eventual purchase of the batching plant.

Batching Plant Financing

Batching plant financing is a great option if you avail of low-interest rates. It is especially beneficial if you want to purchase the plant, but do not have a lump sum amount to pay for it. The batching plant is collateral until you pay the installments in full. The only downside is that you have to take on the debt and pay interest on it for the period.

Batching Plant Leasing

Batching plant leasing is when you use the batching plant from a dealership for a specified period. The period is typically entered in yearly blocks or twelve-month increments that have preset hour limits. Leasing has more benefits than renting. With leasing, you pay a lower monthly price than renting and also get to use a new batching plant or a used plant with recorded service history. In this way, you are sure of the batching plant quality. In leasing, a predetermined price is decided for the plant if you want to buy it at the end of the lease period but there is no commitment if you do not decide to buy it. Therefore, leasing has the possibility of additional investment that renting does not.

Batching Plant Leasing-Things to Consider

Consider these things before leasing a batching plant. 

1. Consider the number of projects you are working on currently and those in the pipeline. Do these projects require a batching plant and for what period? Then decide if renting or leasing is suitable for your business needs.  

2. Evaluate your equipment necessities and check if the dealers nearby stock enough rental equipment. If not, then leasing is a better idea as it ensures that the plant is available for your project when needed. 

3. Take stock of your company’s financial priorities too. If the plant is required for only 1 or 2 jobs then renting may be the better choice. But if you have projects lined up, and you want the plant for an extended period, then batching plant financing is the right option.


So, these are some factors to consider for your business’s batching plant leasing and financing needs. You can also contact the construction equipment dealers, that can offer you the best rental, leasing, or financing plans available. Gamzen India is the leading manufacturer of construction equipment including concrete batching plants, loaders, and skid steers among others. We also provide batching plants and skid steers for renting and leasing purposes. Contact us today for cost-effective rental, leasing, and financial solutions for all your construction equipment needs.